SoCal Sourdough 2.0

  • A homage to the classic sourdough loaf.  Bread and Flours takes it a step further.  We add local fresh house-milled Yecora Rojo Flour ( local hard red wheat)  from the Imperial Valley, CA for greater developed flavors and more rusticity.  Even this loaf has your health and wellness in mind by adding whole grain and using all the parts of the whole seed into your biodome or your gut, with nothing ever removed or added into this loaf.  The numerous health benefits of choosing and incorporating whole grains into your diet will help develop a better you.  We believe this loaf continues to be right in line with our mission and values of using whole grain.   We believe and value whole grain, and we also believe in building a better loaf and supporting a healthy community for future generations. 

    To your health!