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We are a bread bakery striving for excellence, focusing on quality.

Our business model is built upon positive human capital, living wages, and high standards in everything we do. We are dedicated to supporting our community and the environment.


Our selections consist of whole foods and plant-based ingredients, free from animal products. Everything we create and offer at our bakery is dairy-free, egg-free, additive-free, and preservative-free.  

We bake fresh on-site using organic whole and locally sourced grains from American farms. Every loaf contains organic whole grains and is made using the sourdough process, employing long fermentation. It takes 36 hours to produce each sourdough loaf from start to finish.

With warmth, we craft all our products from scratch.  In addition to baking, we mill fresh flour using a Meadows Mill. Our belief in the wholesome advantages of whole grains for everyone's health is unwavering. Our production process reflects this care as we fondly prepare small batches of artisan baked goods. 

Any remaining baked goods that go unsold are always donated to

 Find Food Bank in Indio, California.

We value transparency and traceability in our processes and ingredients and are happy to address any questions you may have.

Essentially, we provide back-to-basics, authentic, real food, real bread made with whole grains and crafted with love.

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