What we believe


Our Values

It begins with grain

The best grain produces the best sourdough bread.

Our first choice is local regional grain, whenever possible,

closest to us and as much as we can. 

We strive to include as many other locally farmed ingredients as we can source.

"Local" purchases supports local communities here in California.

Directly impacting farmers to keep reinvesting in their community.

 "Local"aids in offsetting our carbon footprint by minimizing the cost of transportation to be less burdensome on our on earth and her resources. 

We also support other farmers across the US and are mindful of our choices of our farmer/vendor partners and their outlook and practices on our environment.

We support all efforts for transparency and traceability in the supply chain.

We are thankful for all who work in the farming industry

and are supportive of their fine work.

Thank you farmers for all you do to feed our communities. 

Fresh Milled Stone Ground Flour 

We grind fresh!

Every loaf we bake is composed with fresh ground flour,

that we grind on a commercial stone mill at our bakery.   

Fresh flour ensures each loaf will be at its absolute peak.  

Everything from the wheat berry or the "seed" goes into our fresh flour,

( the bran, the germ, and the endosperm); no sifting here. 

Therefore, the complete nutritional benefit from the grain itself goes into our flour. 

Nothing else.

In addition to capturing all the health benefits by grinding fresh,

the complex flavors of fresh flour adds a range of flavor into each loaf. 

There is nothing like it! Though more laborious, this process creates a more nutritionally rich, and a more flavorful sourdough bread loaf.  

Our Sourdough Process

Each loaf takes more than 35+ hours from start to finish. 

Our process involves longer cold fermentation for all our sourdough,

as time is the greatest asset in creating these artisan loaves.

We choose only to naturally leaven our sourdough with a sourdough culture.

We choose not to use any instant yeast, or packaged yeast, in any of our loaves.

We choose to be preservative-free for all our handcrafted baked goods. 

We believe and are advocates for the purity of clean food

and more whole ingredients in our food system.

We choose transparency on our website and in our processes

 to show a verified supply chain.

Historically, bakeries have not always shared their sources.

We do. 

  Our sourdough will have a shorter shelf-life without preservatives

and we embrace preservative-free for the betterment of our community.

We are advocates for greater purity in our food.

The science is clear, adding chemical preservatives to food by your baker, bakeries, or commercial food manufacturers, can have detrimental effects to the human body.

The choice is yours.

We're an artisan micro-bakery

 We are fortunate to be able to bake sourdough bread in our home kitchen. 

Our sourdough is hand prepared in the most traditional manner,

with special attention and care paid to the ancient art of bread making. 

Our Health is our Real Wealth

  We hope you choose to upgrade.  

We pledge to you "mindfulness" in all of our products. 

At Bread and Flours, we look at all of our products through this lens.

A cornerstone of Bread and Flours is that we are a vegan company. 

We elect not to use any dairy, eggs, or butter in anything we bake or

We believe this is the right choice for our environment, for our health;

and for our community. 

We accept the challenges to bake this way. 

We respect our neighbors and their choices. 

It is your body, so choose what is best for you.

Transparency and Trust

We take your trust to feed our community with seriousness and intention.

We embody transparency and truth in our practices,

in our ingredients, and in our business.

We value our uncompromising standards 

in the way we operate with our clients, vendors, and all folks.

We work with thoughtfulness to earn your business.

We are mindful, respectful, and support diversity, equity, inclusion and accessibility.

We welcome for you to contact us at anytime, with any questions. 

We care

About our ingredients.

About packaging.

About our planet.

About our community.

About our health and yours.

That's why we utilize only the most natural whole ingredients.

We wrap all of our goods in recyclable and/or compostable packaging.

We believe all businesses, small or large have a responsibility to do the same.

We are all a part of this beautiful planet, 

and we hope you all agree it is worth keeping beautiful.


Kindness is essential

We have partnered with Well in the Desert.

  Any unsold sourdough is donated there to aid with members of the community

experiencing food insecurity.  

We hope you smile or say hello to a stranger. 

Hold the door open for someone behind you.

Say "thank you". 

Each small act can have a ripple effect for others.

We can change the world one mindful act at a time. 


Being a part of a small vibrant community fills our spirits.

We love providing natural and nutrient-rich food to our friends and neighbors. 

We thank those of you who we know through Bread and Flours,

and we look forward to meeting those we haven't yet had the chance to say hello to.

Thank you.

And enjoy the gift of each other.