What we believe

Our Values


Bread and Flours Mission

​We believe in whole grains and choose fresh house milled stone ground flour in all of our naturally leavened sourdough loaves. Bread and Flours is a vegan company, and all our handcrafted products are preservative free.  We seek out local farms and local food first.  We promote a vision of balanced health and wellness to our community, for today and future generations.  We believe all businesses, including our own, have a responsibility to use environmentally mindful packaging. 

It begins with grain

The best grain produces the best bread. Our first pick is regional grain, whenever possible, and as much as we can.  We strive to include as many other locally farmed ingredients as we can source.  From time to time you might see a seasonal bread utilizing other locally farmed products. Keeping our dollars in our local food economy is important to us. We love supporting local farmers.  Besides, we also respect the historical traditions of American farming in other parts of the USA. We are thankful for farmers in all of our communities and are supportive of their fine work.  

We love freshly milled flour

We house mill almost all of our grains on our home stone mill. Though more laborious, this process creates a more nutritionally dense, and a more flavorful whole grain bread. 

Our Sourdough Process

Each loaf takes more than 35+ hours from start to finish.  It's this slow fermentation that coaxes along the complex, nutty, and sour flavors in each of our loaves. 


We're an artisan micro-bakery

 We are fortunate to be able to bake bread in our home kitchen.  Just like your parents and grandparents used to do.  Our bread is made in the most traditional of ways, with special attention and care paid to the ancient art of bread making. 

Our Health is our Real Wealth

  We hope you choose to upgrade.  At Bread and Flours, we look at all of our products through this lens. We pledge to you "mindfulness" in all of our products.  A cornerstone of Bread and Flours is that we are a plant-based company.  We do not use dairy in our products.  Yes, this changes our outlook and what we can provide to the public in our bakery. How can a baker not use, butter, eggs, or milk? Trust us, we remember my "Nana's pound cake" recipe and how delicious it is.  We believe for us, this is the right choice for our company.  We accept the challenge to push ourselves and think outside the box with our baking in this manner.  We also believe and respect our neighbors and their choices.  We believe it is your body, so please choose what is best for you. 

We care

About our ingredients. About packaging and our Earth. About our community. About our health and yours. That's why we utilize only the most natural whole grain ingredients and wrap all of our goods in recyclable and/or compostable packaging.  We are committed to lead by doing our part.  

We believe all businesses, small or large have a responsibility to the earth. 

Kindness is essential

We have partnered with Well in the Desert to help combat poverty and hunger in our local communities with our bread.  Any unsold bread is donated to Well in the Desert to assist in feeding those in need. Follow our lead.....Say hello to a stranger.  Hold the door open for someone behind you. Say "thank you", and mean it.  Be better than yesterday.  Small acts can have a ripple effect.  We can change the world, one mindful act at a time. 


Being a part of a small but vibrant community fills our souls. We love providing natural and nutrient-rich food to our friends and neighbors.  We thank those of you we know and look forward to meeting those of you we haven't had the chance to say hello to.

Enjoy the gift of each other.