Our naturally leavened Whole Organic Rye, Organic Orange rind and Unsulphured Non-GMO molasses begins to tickle our senses with fragrance, flavor and texture.  As we begin the season of "cold" here in the desert, we look to our European friends who for centuries have been creating loaves made from Rye.  As Americans perhaps we have experienced the classic New York Deli rye, made with Caraway seeds in which would bookend a sandwich stacked a mile high with all the fixin's finished with a classic kosher dill pickle.  Today, at Bread and Flours we are tackling this grain with grace and distinction, tipping our hat to the grain that fueled the empires of Charlemagne and Peter the Great.  Throughout the premodern period, bread was the foundation of the European diet at every level of society.  On average adults consumed nearly three pounds of bread and gruel daily which comprised nearly three-quarters of their caloric intake.(1)  Here we take the organic rye, house mill it for the absolute height of flavor, and add the warmth of organic orange rind freshly grated into the flour.  We also add a touch of molasses for its richness in minerals, texture, and broad range of flavors.  Followed by the texture of raw organic sunflower seeds that contain polyunsaturated fats and positive vitamins such as Vitamin E, Selenium and Niacin.(2)  The flavors intermingle and mix for a pleasant and comfortable winter rye loaf.(3)  Give it a try. 

1. Fernand Braudel, The Structures of Everyday Life, Vol. 1 (New York:Harper and Row, 1979), 130-132.

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3. Stanley Ginsberg, The Rye Baker, ( W.W. Norton & Company, 2016)

40% Whole Grain Organic Rye

60% Organic Hard Red Wheat

4% Unsulphured Non-GMO Molasses

Winter Rye Sourdough Batard