Sold week of June 13th - June 20th

Total Loaves Sold - 6


We are grateful to the Community supporting a donation to the Gary Sinese Foundation .


100% of all proceeds going to the Gary Sinese Foundation.


Thank you!

Gratitude Sourdough Loaf - All Proceeds go to "The Gary Sinise Foundation."

  • Gratitude Sourdough Loaf 


    June 13th - July 10th 


    For the next month, Bread and Flours will be producing a special multi-grain loaf of sourdough to pay homage to the brave soldiers of this country.  We will be donating 100% of the profits of this bread to The Gary Sinese Foundation, which provides a multitude of resources and programs to Veterans.   We are truly grateful to all service folks and their families, We have changed the name of this loaf to our “Gratitude” Sourdough Loaf.  We hope you will consider this loaf as an opportunity to give. We thank each and everyone of you. 


    Ingredients: 100% Organic Multi Grain, and Organic Multi Seeded Sourdough Loaf

    - Organic House Milled Stone Ground Whole White Sonora

    -  Organic House Milled Stone Ground Whole Turkey Red 

    - Organic House Milled Stone Ground Whole Rye Flour 

    - Organic Spring Wheat 

    - Topped with Organic Raw Sunflower Seeds

    - Topped with Organic Pumpkin Seeds 

    - Topped with Organic Sesame Seeds 

    - Topped with Organic Chia Seeds 

    - Topped Organic Sourdough Culture - (Yes, Lupita, our sourdough culture, has been organic for quite sometime)

    - Bakery Filtered Water - Asana Filtered 

    - Pink Himalayan Salt - San Francisco Salt Company.  


    Batard Shape


    Photo - the multiple grains before grinding.