Sun-Ripened Mojave Gold Raisins on the Vine

  • Raisins on the Vine

    100% Red Flame Seedless Grapes dried wholly intact on the vine, yielding a plumper, juicier, and sweeter raisin.

    Family Owned. Boldly Independent. 

    Raisins on the Vine are hand-picked, washed, carefully hand-clipped and hand-packed to preserve the natural state of the clusters.

    Raisins on the Vine require over 22 percent sugar for optimal sweetness which gives them a rich, complex character that compliments sweet and savory flavors. Once ready for harvesting, our raisins are cut and hung on the vine for a natural sun-drying process. Once completely dry, the raisins are kept in storage as they await the hand-washed, hand-trimmed, and hand-packaged process.


    Kosher Certified by Orthodox Union.
    Certified for Passover and year-round use.