For all gourmands in your home or in your restaurant, a perfect compliment for presentations for your table are these delicious sun-ripened on the vine "Flame Raisins" grown and picked Thermal, CA. ( local)  Each cluster of these seedless grapes are managed in their natural state as a whole cluster of fruit before being packaged as a whole cluster of raisins.  Then at the optimal time they are hand-picked at their peak of ripeness, these are plump, big, and satisfying raisins.  As you bite into one, your mouth is filled with the richness of the raisin and a boatload of complexity on your palate.  You can guarantee Bread and Flours will be incorporating some of these beauties in future recipes.  You can add them to your homemade muesli, oatmeal, scones, french toast, muffins, or cookies.  Don Kirzian is the founder and innovator, with his team they have created a beautiful presentation. With proper storage, and /or refrigeration these will last up to 12 months. 

Net weight per tamper proof package is 4oz /113g

Sun-Ripened Mojave Gold Raisins on the Vine