Sun-Ripened Mojave Gold Raisins on the Vine

  • Raisins on the Vine


    100% Red Flame Seedless Grapes dried wholly intact on the vine, yielding a plumper, juicier, and sweeter raisin.

    Family Owned. Boldly Independent. 


    Raisins on the Vine are hand-picked, washed, carefully hand-clipped and hand-packed to preserve the natural state of the clusters.

    Raisins on the Vine require over 22 percent sugar for optimal sweetness which gives them a rich, complex character that compliments sweet and savory flavors. Once ready for harvesting, our raisins are cut and hung on the vine for a natural sun-drying process. Once completely dry, the raisins are kept in storage as they await the hand-washed, hand-trimmed, and hand-packaged process.


    Kosher Certified by Orthodox Union.
    Certified for Passover and year-round use.

    Check out Mojave Gold's website. 

    We are so proud and honored to be working with this world class operation and team.  By purchasing these raisins you are supporting local business in Mecca, California.  Your purchase goes to support this operation that supports local families that work here. Thank you.