2lbs House Milled Stone Ground Organic Rye Flour

  • Organic Rye Berries.

    Flavors of earth and nuts.

    Whole rye kernels are usually referred to as “rye berries.”  Rye growing in the field has an inedible hull, which must be removed before milling or eating. In rye, the starchy endosperm constitutes about 80-85% of the whole kernel, the germ 2-3% and the outer bran layers about 10-15%. While the fiber in most grains is concentrated almost solely in the bran layers, some of rye’s fiber is also in the endosperm.

    Same price fresh ground or wheatberries.

    (Informational Sources: WholeGrainCouncil.org)


    Grain Source - Great River Milling, specifically from North Dakota and South Dakota.