I am grateful to Kurt, one of our grain guys, who introduced me to this Organic Pima Club.  Little did I know, through our hot summer, there was gold right before our eyes were waiting to be discovered.  This grain was thought to be extinct and was re-established on the Gila River Indian Reservation with the "Akiemel O'Odham" ( Pima, River people).  This is one of the four varieties believed to have been brought to the region by an Italian Franciscan priest Father Eusebio Kino and exchanged with the natives.  A well-known explorer, cartographer, missionary, and astronomer proved that the California Baja was not an island.  He also was a defender on behalf of the Native people fighting against European settlers who attempted to enslave the natives.  Today we bring you this beautiful Organic Pima Club Sourdough loaf, with organic raw unsalted sunflower seeds mixed into the crumb along with "sprouted" organic pumpkin seeds sprinkled on the top.  The soaking and sprouting of the seeds help accessibility to the seeds beneficial nutrients.  One would think that baking the seeds would harm them, yet baking increases certain bio-availability for our micro-biome to access these nutrients. Both seeds provide magnesium, copper, and zinc; studies suggest magnesium can increase our bone health and density.  This is soft white wheat, that is awnless ( no long wheat hairs connected to the seed casing) that is short, squat wheat, with a short head, differing from other grain varieties these short heads are called “club” grains or wheat, hence Pima Club.  Along with the beautiful beige color from the fresh ground, house milled grain of the Pima Club, and the sunflower seeds' added texture in this loaf, make this a winner. 

100% Organic Loaf + 100% Whole Wheat

100% Organic Pima Club Wheat Flour - House Milled Stone Ground, Raw Organic Sunflower Seeds, and Sprouted Organic Pumpkin Seeds

Organic Pima Club Sourdough Loaf