Multi Grain Sourdough Pizza Dough 

Fresh Fermented Sour "Dough" Pizza Dough

  • Ingredients :

    50% Organic Hard Red Wheat Flour

    25% Yecora Rojo Flour (Imperial Valley, CA) stone ground at Bread and Flours

    25% Desert Durum Flour (Imperial Valley, CA) stone ground at Bread and Flours

    Filtered Water

    Pink Himalayan Salt

    No preservatives. No Bromated Flour. No Enriched Flour.  No dough softeners.  No sugars.  No oils. You deserve better!

    900grams - perfect for two pizzas at 450 grams each. 

    This is a multi-grain sourdough pizza dough, made with local flour.  The longer you have your dough refrigerated the more fermentation will occur,  and the more tangy it will become. This is an enzymatically active pizza dough, so it will rise and fall based on temperature.  “It’s alive”!

    Instructions: Bread and Flours recommends you take out the sour -“dough” and let it rest for 30 minutes on the counter prior to shaping.   Prepare your dough with a rolling pin or hand shape it on the counter , or on a lightly floured work surface. Shape it to your prefered size. Place your dough on a lightly flour or conrnmeal dusted baking sheet or pizza peel.  Cook at 450F for 12-20 minutes looking for that golden brown color on the crust and toppings and the dough itself.  For more crispiness, you can brush fresh olive oil on your dough crust.  You are welcome to grill your dough as well,  or use a dedicated pizza oven.  This will stay fresh in your fridge for up to a month.