Fresh Fermented Sour "Dough" Pizza Dough

  • Fermented Sour "dough" Pizza Dough

    Ingredients :


    50% Organic Hard Red Wheat Flour

    25% Yecora Rojo Flour (Local - Imperial Valley, CA) House Milled stone ground whole at Bread and Flours

    25% Desert Durum Flour (Local - Imperial Valley, CA) House Milled stone ground whole at Bread and Flours

    Filtered Water

    Pink Himalayan Salt


    We specifically use Yecora Rojo and Desert Durum Grain in our Fermented Pizza Dough because it is "Local".  These farmers do not certify their grain organic in case they need to use fertilizers, or a herbicide.  In speaking with the grain farmers, they do not use pesticides because the Imperial Valley can be climatically very warm and so their is no need.  Your purchase is directly effecting a farmer that grows grain in the Imperial Valley.  Our hope at Bread and Flours, is to grow the "Grain Economy" in this valley so we can have more choices of local grains and use them in our bread.  Thank you to all the farmers that plant wheat ( as it is not financially a crop that can sustain their farm). A farmer in the Imperial Valley must plant Alfalfa, and other crops to movr forward.  Thank you to all our customers that are looking to support their neighbors that bring us this delicious grain. We are thankful to the Rubins, Roy Motter, and all the farmers in the Imperial Valley. Thank you. 


    No preservatives. No Bromated Flour. No Enriched Flour.  No dough softeners.  No sugars.  No oils.  No Junk. You deserve better!


    900-1000 grams - perfect for two individual sized neoplaoiltan pizzas at 450+ grams each. 


    Packaged in 100% Compostable bag that is cotton, with an interior certfied compostable bag made of cornstarch.

    We do not use stickers on our products because they are not recycleable.

    Any leftover dough can also be composted. 


    Your pizza dough will be delivered refrigerated cold, and carried by the delivery team cold until it arrives at your door.  We will call or text you to let you know it has arrived. 


    This is a multi-grain sourdough pizza dough, made with local flour.  The longer you have your dough refrigerated the more fermentation will occur,  and the more tangy it will become. This is an enzymatically active pizza dough, so it will rise and fall based on temperature.  “It’s alive”!


    Instructions: Bread and Flours recommends you take out the sour -“dough” and bench rest it for 30 minutes on the counter prior to shaping.   Prepare your dough with a rolling pin or hand shape it on the counter , or on a lightly floured work surface. Shape it to your prefered size.


    Place your dough on a lightly flour or conrnmeal dusted baking sheet or pizza peel.  Cook at 450F for 12-20 minutes looking for that golden brown color on the crust. Once crispy take it back out and add your toppings  onto your pizza. For crispiness, you can brush fresh olive oil on your dough crust.  


    Life Span - 1 month refrigerated


    Yes you can freeze your pizza dough.  Freezing will stop the fermentation of the dough, as it is active. You can freeze it, but it will no longer be fermenting and essentially arresting the active bacteria in the dough. It is really up to you how you like it. You can keep it in the fridge for up to a month. The acetic and lactic acids will increase over time essentially making your dough more sour if you decide to not use it soon after it is purchased. The great characteristics of this dough, you can control the fermentation, eat it earlier and taste the sour. Or let it rest in your fridge longer for greater sour notes.