We were gifted some handmade masks by our customer Eunice this weekend and it is the BEST MASK I have yet used!   Please contact Eunice directly for purchasing.  e.e.aikman@gmail.com


1. Fit perfectly over my face, nose, and mouth.  Very form fitting, and coverage if you wear glasses. 

2. Double lined cotton with detailed strong stitching and flexible metal wire at the top.

3. Washable.

4. Ear adjustment - you are able to adjust it around your ears.  Have you seen my ears?  


We are only spreading the good word! 

Please contact Eunice directly to order.  e.e.aikman@gmail.com.  $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00


The models for Bread and Flours were not compensated for their endorsement nor for any future sales. 

Cotton Masks - Handmade by Eunice