2lbs House Milled Stone Ground White Sonora Flour

  • Perhaps one of the oldest grains, and grown from our neighbors in Arizona. Here you have a history that is directly linked to Spanish Missionaries bringing the grain around 1650 AD in Mexico.  The Eudave’s were the first “people” of the Opatan community to meet others from Spain.  The Eudave’s were also the group given the seed by missionaries to plant and propagate in Tuape, Sonora about 110 miles south of Nogales. They also refer to themselves in short as “Deve”.  Both names carry the meaning of “people” in their language.  From those early beginnings, the grain was carried into Arizona around 1690 AD. This grain was used as “communion” bread by the missionaries as its color is white, and the flavors they say have a “sweet, earthy and nutty flavor”.

    Same price fresh ground or wheatberries.

    Grain Source - R&D Grain