2lbs stone milled Organic White Sonora Flour


The Akimel O’Odham ( the Pima First nation people)  have been growing this Organic White Sonora Grain for centuries. ( S-moik Pilkan)  This Organic White Sonora is drought tolerant and disease resistant naturally in the Arizona climate and has a preference for low fertility alkaline soils.  Low gluten with positive protein content, and sweeter notes in its flavor profile.  This hails from Ramona Farms, the Gila River community that planted these seeds from Father Kino in the 1700s. 

2lbs Stone Milled Organic White Sonora Flour


    Organic Non-GMO Sonora Flour from Ramona Farms in Sacaton, Arizona.   Stone milled right here at the Bread and Flours bakery.