2lbs House Milled Stone Ground Organic Pima Club Flour

  • An ancient grain (Olas Pilkan)  hailing from the Pima First Nation (The Pima - Akimel O’Odham   This is soft white wheat, that is awnless ( no long wheat hairs connected to the seed casing ) that is a short squat wheat, with a short head, differing from other grain varieties these short heads are called “club” grains or wheat, hence Pima Club.  It was thought that this grain was extinct and had disappeared completely until it was accidentally rediscovered in the 1960s.

    Pesticide Free, Herbicide Free.


    Ramona Farms stands behind their organic designation. It has not been certified under the USDA, therefore does not carry the USDA Organic symbol.

    Same price fresh ground or wheatberries.

    Grain Source - Ramona Farms