2lbs stone milled Organic Pima Club Flour


An ancient grain (Olas Pilkan)  hailing from the Pima First nation people (The Pima - Akimel O’Odham people) from Gila River Community, south of Chandler Arizona, the indigenous people of the Arizona Sonoran desert.  This is one of the four varieties believed to have been brought to the region by an Italian Franciscan priest Father Eusebio Kino.  A well-known explorer, cartographer, missionary and astronomer, who proved that the California Baja was not an island.  He also was a defender on behalf of the Native people fighting against European settlers who attempted to enslave the natives. This is soft white wheat, that is awnless ( no long wheat hairs connected to the seed casing) that is a short squat wheat, with a short head, differing from other grain varieties these short heads are called “club” grains or wheat, hence Pima Club.  It was thought that this grain was extinct and had disappeared completely until it was accidentally rediscovered in the 1960s.  No pesticides and no herbicides are used.   Pima Club was saved from extinction by the Native Seeds/Search and has been growing during the past years for seed banking by community organizations and Ramona Farms.  Bread and Flours is proud to be offering this organic grain with this historic provenance and pedigree. 

2lbs Stone Milled Organic Pima Club Flour


    Organic Non-GMO Pima Club Flour from Ramona Farms in Sacaton, Arizona.   Stone milled right here at the Bread and Flours bakery.