2lbs House Milled Stone Ground Organic Kamut® Flour

  • Direct from Montana, where Bob Quinn first was gifted the seed at a county fair this Khorasan Wheat in 1964, then called "King Tut Wheat", Bob was 16 years old at the time.  After his studies, Bob planted this grain on one and a half acres all 60lbs of it, for the first time in 1986. He took the grain to a food show in Anaheim, California, to promote Bob's"organic wheat and flour".  The history of this grain originating possibly around Cairo, Eygpt was special as the seed was bigger in size than the wheat he was used too.  Additionally, planting a field without the use of nitrogen was almost unheard of in 1986.  After 3 years without any chemicals on the grain, Bob had his first crop of Organic Kamut.  He then trademarked the name in the understanding that this ancient grain will always remain unmodified and always organically grown.


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