The certification mark issued by the U.S. Patent and Trade office for the Desert Durum® variety must be grown under irrigation in the low deserts of Arizona and California and must be comprised of at least 90% of a lot to be classified with the Desert Durum® label. One reason is that the low desert allows growers to produce year after year, field after field, a consistent quality product, unlike, for example North Dakota, that is often hindered due to weather challenges for producing a consistent quality wheat.  In speaking with Ray Motter, a well known farmer in the Imperial Valley who grows wheat and other crops,  states that there is less than 3 inches of rain, per year in the Imperial Valley. Irrigation is part of success for Desert Durum® in creating consistency as the grain needs about 15 inches of water per year for success. Users of the Desert Durum® term must obtain permission to do so from the Arizona Grain Research and Promotion Council and the California Wheat Commission. Durum wheat is considered the hardest wheat, making it ideal for milling into semolina to make pasta shapes. Arizona and California Desert Durum® and also has the lowest moisture content at 7% compared to other durum wheat from other parts of the country. The lower moisture content and large uniform kernels yield higher semolina extraction rates than durums from other regions results in shipping less water. Although Italy is the top importer of Desert Durum®, the wheat is also exported to countries including Spain, Morocco and Nigeria. Desert Durum® is generally available to domestic and export markets as “identity preserved” grain by specific variety. This allows customers to acquire grain that possesses the quality traits that meet their specific needs. The identity preserved, traceable system allows customers to contract varieties and volumes with grain merchandisers who sell certified seed to experienced growers who maintain varietal identity throughout the planting, growing, harvesting, and delivery processes. Grain merchandisers then store the grain by variety and may ship on the customers’ preferred schedules.Bread and Flours is grateful to have this grain in inventory for our sourdough and for sale for our customers. ( Sources: California Wheat Commission and Arizona Farm Bureau, Julie Murphree)

2lbs House Milled Stone Ground Desert Durum® Flour


    2 lbs of Soft Desert Durum Flour grown in the Imperial Valley of sunny California (LOCAL).

    100% stone ground right here at the Bread and Flours bakery.  

    Best used as a pasta flour. 

  • We do NOT ship via traditional mail carriers. We deliver to the following cities: Palm Springs, Rancho Mirage, Cathedral City, Palm Desert, Indian Wells, La Quinta, and Bermuda Dunes.   We have a $2.50 flat rate delivery regardless of size of the order.