Emmer, Triticum dicoccum, known as farro in Italy, is an ancient ancestor of wheat. It is an incredibly versatile grain with a wonderfully full-bodied flavor and robust nutritional value. Emmer is high in protein—ranging up to 22%— and low in gluten (a chromosome count of 28), making it a great choice for people who are sensitive to more common, hybridized types of wheat




BlueBird Grain Farms Emmer is always 100% organic, nutrient dense, sun cured, and milled and packaged to order on our family farm. Our whole grain is a sproutable living seed, never pearled.



Emmer was one of the first cereals to be domesticated in the Fertile Crescent and was the primary wheat grown in Asia, Africa and Europe throughout the first 5,000 years of recorded agriculture, more than 17,000 years ago.


Over the centuries, emmer was gradually abandoned in favor of more productive, hybrid varieties of durum wheat. By the beginning of the 20th century, higher-yielding wheat strains had replaced emmer almost everywhere, except in parts of Europe and Northern Africa, where Bluebird’s seed originated.



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2lbs Fresh Milled Stone Ground Organic Emmer

  • Another name for "Farro" in the Italian language. Historically once used as the only grain in Egypt to produce the first matzah.  This ancient wheat is full of nutrition and flavor. This is a soft winter wheat. 


    Grain Source: Bluebeard Grain Farms