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Bread and Flours

established in 2019

2100 N Palm Canyon, Palm Springs, California 92262

Hours of Operation - Thursdays and Saturdays - 10 am to 3 pm.

Please park your vehicle in our free parking lot!

A quick stop off Interstate 10, traveling east or west!  

Exit 120, drive 4 miles south on "Indian Canyon Drive" into Palm Springs, then take a right onto "Via Escuela."

Drive 0.1miles and turn right into the parking lot. You will see the Bread and Flours sign on the building and the lettering"sourdough"  

Our Mission

​To support and serve 

the healthiest handcrafted sourdough bread. 



We are a family business. 

We focus on health and wellness.

We are plant-based. We use no animal products in our baking.

We craft only additive-free, preservative-free selections.

We stone mill flour weekly - whole flour -

without sifting, all parts of the seed are placed into our loaves.

We source organic whole and local grains from American Farms. 

We use the sourdough process, long fermentation, and time. 

Each loaf takes 36 hours to craft before baking. 

Transparency and traceability in our process and ingredients.

We are glad to answer all your questions.

Back to basics, real bread, whole foods, and whole ingredients

made by us, with love.

Testimony - Author Dan Buettner of the Blue Zone Series speaks to 

the benefits of Sourdough in this video: click here.


As a customer, you will have greater choices if you

shop earlier in the day rather than later. 

We do not reserve loaves or take pre-paid orders.

We will post on Instagram and Facebook if/when we sell out.   

Any unsold loaves are donated to Find Food Bank & Well in the Desert.

Menu for March 23rd - Thursday and March 25th - Saturday.


Fresh Stone Milled Flour

Check out our menu at the bakery for all your baking needs.


So. Cal Sourdough 2.0 Bread 

20% Local Whole Wheat / 80% Organic Wheat Flour

Sourdough "Sammie" Sourdough Bread - Sliced

20% Local Whole Wheat / 80% Organic Wheat Flour

Organic Sprouted Whole Khorasan Sourdough Bread 

with sprouted wheatberries

67% Organic Whole Wheat / 33% Organic Wheat

Organic California Whole Wheat Sourdough Bread

Organic Whole Wheat

Organic Pepitas

Organic Sunflower Seeds

100% Whole Wheat

Winter Rye Sourdough Bread

Fresh Milled Organic Whole Rye Flour

Fresh Milled Whole Yecora Rojo Flour

Zest of Orange

Unsulphured Molasses

45% Organic Whole Rye and Local Whole Wheat / 55% Organic Wheat

Fig Olive Sourdough Bread

Organic Kalamata Olives

Mission Figs

Golden Figs

20% Local Whole Wheat / 80% Organic Wheat Flour

Bread and Flours Sourdough Banana Bread

50% Bananas

50% Local Whole Wheat 

Sold By The Slice - Sourdough Focaccia

Roma Tomatoes

Organic Kalamata Olives

Fresh Basil 

100% Organic Wheat

Sold By The Slice - Organic Meyer Lemon Tea Cake

100% Organic Wheat

From the Soup Pot:  Indian Spiced Vegatable Soup


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