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Bread and Flours 1st generation of packaging

Bread and Flours


We are a family bread bakery specializing in naturally leavened sourdough bread using whole grains. 

since 2019

2100 N Palm Canyon, Palm Springs, California 92262

Easy parking for all sized vehicles. Park, shop, and enjoy!

Hours of Operation

Two Days - Thursdays and Saturdays - 9 am to 2 pm.

The Bread and Flours Team
Bread and Flours Organic Wheatberries
Bread and Flours Millstone

Menu for the Week

Thursday - February 22nd

Saturday - February 24th

We recommend shopping early in the day for the best selection.

Our policy is first come, first served.  Quantities are limited.

Reserving loaves or pre-orders is not a service we offer. 

Everything we make and sell at Bread and Flours is plant-based/vegan.

We have more consciously procured delectables at the bakery that are not listed here. Come in and shop us in person!

Yes, we have gift certificates for all occasions.

Thursday's are Temalpakh Farm Pickup Day!

Go online and order organic veggies from Temalpakh Farm

Temalpakh Farm delivers to Bread and Flours

Order on their website. You then pick up!  It's that easy!!!

The farm represents the values and culture of the

Augustine Band of Cahuilla

Organic USDA certified by California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF).

Thank you for supporting our local organic farm.

PureBean Coffee - Idyllwild, CA

Fresh Roasted "Fireside Blend"

Available in a 12 oz cup or roasted whole beans

 Available to add Minor Figures Oat milk ( as you wish)

Available to add organic Sugar in the Raw ( as you wish) 

Organic "So. Cal 2.0" Sourdough Bread 

20% Organic Whole Stone-Milled California Wheat Flour

80% Organic European Style White Flour

Organic "Sammie" Sourdough Bread

Our exclusive sliced bread

20% Organic Whole Stone-Milled California Wheat Flour

80% Organic European Style White Flour


Organic "The Nebraskan" 

Sourdough Bread

100% Organic Whole Stone-Milled Red Fife Wheat Flour

Grown by Tom Luhrs and Family, Imperial, Nebraska

Organic Black Sesame Seeds

Farm Direct - Organic Sprouted Kamut

 Sourdough Bread 

 67% Organic Whole Stone-Milled Einkorn Flour 

"Kamut" is an ancient grain

Organic Kamut is grown by Montana Flour & Grains, Fort Benton, MT 

33% Organic European Style White Flour

Organic Whole Sprouted Wheatberries placed into the dough

Topped with Organic steel cut cracked 9-grain​

MultiGrain "Breakfast" Sourdough Bread 

32% Organic Whole Stone-Milled Rye Flour

26% Organic Whole Stone-Milled California Wheat Flour

46% Organic European Style White Flour

Boghasian Brothers Organic Raisins, Fowler, CA

Unsulphured Non-GMO Molasses

Organic Cacao

Espresso Coffee

"Just Maple" Small Batch Granola

Organic Oats

Organic Cinnamon

Organic Maple Syrup

California Pecans and Almonds


Imperial Olive Mill Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Organic Baguette


10% Organic Whole Stone-Milled Californian Wheat Flour

90% Organic European Style White Flour

Pumpkin Bread - Sold by the slice

53% Organic Pumpkin Puree

47% Organic European Style White Flour

Californian Walnuts

Organic Spices

Blueberry Muffins  

Organic Fresh Blueberries 

Organic European Style White Flour

Fresh Lemon Zest

Ginger Molasses Cookie

Organic Ginger

Organic European Style White Flour

Unsulphured Non-GMO Molasses

Organic Spices

Organic Vegan Brown Sugar

The Best Sourdough Chocolate Chunk Cookie 

Organic Stone-Milled Whole Red Fife Flour

Organic European Style White Flour

Single Source Fair Trade Madagascar Vegan Chocolate

Judy Gavigan and Kristin Ryall of Bread and Flours
Kamut Blades of Wheat Seedling by Bread and Flours
Kristin Ryall
Mark T. Gavigan - Bread and Flours

Email Signup

Sign up here for weekly menu updates from Bread and Flours. 

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