Bread and Flours
Made in Palm Springs, California 
est. 2019

Our Mission

​To support and serve 

the healthiest handcrafted sourdough bread.

Mark Gavigan - Founder of Bread and Flours

We are a family with one mindful goal. 

To offer all folks healthy bread using the sourdough process.

We employ transparency in everything we do; our ingredients, processes, percentages, and partners.

We craft every loaf ourselves, ensuring the highest quality.

We start with "whole" flour, milled on a stone granite American mill at Bread and Flours. 

We mill for freshness and greater nutrition to ensure each loaf is at its peak.  

Each loaf is fermented in a cold environment to unlock a palate of flavors.

We use whole grains - with nothing added or nothing removed.

We sprout whole grains, too, adding them to the sourdough.

 We use grain from the Imperial Valley; this is local wheat, 120 miles south of the Coachella Valley.

We use organic whole grains with traceability from a single farmer grown in the USA.

We craft preservative-free fresh loaves without additives, preservatives, or dairy products.

We use only sourdough culture to leaven (to raise) our sourdough naturally.

Each loaf takes a minimum of 36 hours to craft before baking. 

We use only whole, clean ingredients.

All our hand-crafted selections are minimally processed.

We bake everything fresh.

We partner with local farms -  Futterman Farms, Movaje Gold Raisins on the Vine, Woodspur Farms, and Wong Farms.



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