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Bread and Flours 1st generation of packaging

Bread and Flours 


est. 2019

2100 N Palm Canyon, Palm Springs, California 92262

Easy parking for all sized vehicles. Park, shop, and enjoy!

Our company specializes in providing wholesome and authentic food options that prioritize the use of whole grains and are crafted with great care. Our bread, in particular, is made with genuine ingredients and a deep appreciation for culinary excellence. We are committed to offering a back-to-basics approach that emphasizes natural, unprocessed foods, which are both healthy and delicious. Our dedication to quality and authenticity is unmatched, and we take pride in every product that bears our name.

All the items available at our bakery are entirely plant-based / vegan. We are committed to using natural ingredients in our artisanal creations, avoiding additives or preservatives to ensure the highest quality and purity. Our commitment extends to sourcing organic whole grains from American farms.  We freshly mill whole grains into flour using a Meadows Stone Mill. Our sourdough bread is crafted through a natural leavening and slow fermentation with stone-milled whole-grain flour in every loaf. Any unsold selections are donated to Martha's Kitchen in Palm Springs, CA.

Hours of Operation

Two Days - Thursdays and Saturdays - 9 am to 2 pm.

The Bread and Flours Team
Bread and Flours Organic Wheatberries
Bread and Flours Millstone

We recommend shopping early in the day for the best selection.

Our policy is first come, first served.  Quantities are limited.

Reserving loaves or pre-orders is not a service we offer. 

Everything we make and sell at Bread and Flours is plant-based/vegan.

We have more consciously procured delectables at the bakery that are not listed here. Come in and shop us in person!

Yes, we have gift certificates for all occasions.

Menu for the Week

Thursday - June 20th

Saturday - June 22nd

Pure Bean Fireside Blend Coffee

Roasted locally to order in Idyllwild, California

Available in a 12 oz cup or roasted whole beans

Housemade Fresh

Organic Pasta - Fettuccine & Rigatoni 

Two Servings per package

100% Organic Semolina Flour

Filtered Water​

housemade "red sauce" (tomato) and "green sauce" (pesto) are available weekly in the refrigerator​

Organic "So. Cal 2.0" Sourdough Bread 

20% Organic Whole Stone-Milled California Wheat Flour

Organic "Sammie" Sourdough Bread

Our exclusive sliced bread

20% Organic Whole Stone-Milled California Wheat Flour

 Organic Sesame Californian Whole Wheat

Sourdough Bread

90% Organic Whole Stone-Milled Californian Wheat Flour 

Organic Sesame Seeds


Farm Direct - Organic and Sprouted Whole Emmer Wheat Sourdough Bread

67% Organic Whole Stone-Milled Emmer Flour 

Organic Emmer is a type of farro (ancient hulled wheat) that dates back to early civilization. Organic Emmer is an Ancient Grain

Organic Emmer Grain is from Bluebird Grain Farms Winthrop, WA



Organic Fig + Kalamata Olive

Sourdough Bread

20% Organic Whole Stone-Milled California Wheat Flour

Organic Figs + Organic Kalamata Olives



Organic Baguette / Organic Pain D'Epi


10% Organic Whole Stone-Milled Californian Wheat Flour



10% Organic Whole Stone-Milled Californian Wheat Flour

Organic Rosemary, Sage, and Thyme 



Blood Orange Tea Cake - Sold by the slice

Blood Orange Juice and Zest



​Blueberry Muffins  

Fresh Blueberries, Fresh Lemon Zest​



​Ginger Molasses Cookie  

Organic Ginger, Non - GMO Unsulphured molasses,

Organic Vegan Cane Sugar​



The Best Sourdough Chocolate Chunk Cookie

50% Organic Whole Stone-Milled Red Fife Flour

Single Origin Madagascar Vegan Chocolate



"Just Maple" Small Batch Granola

Sweetened with Organic Maple Syrup

*Return your used granola jar to the bakery, and we will give you

$1.00 credit off your same-day purchase.

Yay for keeping packaging out of landfills!

The above is not a full ingredient list- if you have specific questions or concerns, please ask!

Judy Gavigan and Kristin Ryall of Bread and Flours
Kamut Blades of Wheat Seedling by Bread and Flours
Kristin Ryall
Mark T. Gavigan - Bread and Flours

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