Bread and Flours
Made in Palm Springs, California 
est. 2019

Our Mission

​To support and serve our community

with the healthiest handcrafted sourdough bread.

Mark Gavigan - Founder of Bread and Flours

“There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.”

Martin Luther King Jr., A Testament of Hope: The Essential Writings and Speeches

We are a licensed premium Cottage Food Operation (CFO)

located in Palm Springs. 

We are grateful for the opportunity to bake out of our home.

Our brick-and-mortar bakery will be completed in 2022! 

We are a health-focused bread bakery specializing in sourdough bread.  

Our handmade selections and our curated products are dairy-free, egg-free, and completely free of any animal products.

 Our loaves do not contain added colors, artificial flavors,

or synthetic substances.

Family-owned and operated.

We continuously innovate, developing our company in an ethical and transparent model.

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Our Standards

It Begins with Grain

The best grain produces the best sourdough bread!

Local, organic and direct from the farmer.

Fresh Milled Flour In Every Loaf

We grind fresh on a commercial stone mill at the bakery. 

Every loaf is made with freshly milled flour from wheat berries.

Our flour has nothing added, or nothing removed.

Whole. Fresh. Real. 

Our Process

Each loaf of sourdough takes 36 hours to produce.

Time and attention are employed as we use gentle, slow, cold fermentation.

We use all our senses to steward each loaf to its absolute peak.

Preservative Free

Baked Fresh!

Everything we produce is preservative-free!

No additives, no preservatives, or unnecessary chemicals. 

(Conversely, bread made with preservatives stays soft for days.)  

Our Health Is Our Real Wealth

We value our health and yours.

Clean. Pure. Whole ingredients.

Minimally processed. Plant-based.

We Care

And hope you do too!

We use certified compostable or recyclable packaging for all we produce.

We carbon offset every delivery we make. We have partnered with 

Vaayu for our carbon offsetting.

We employ a company to efficiently route our deliveries for the least environmental impact. 

Two ways to buy our Sourdough!

Saturday Delivery!

Only $2.50 per order for the Coachella Valley.

Go to the "Shop" page to order. 


Every Thursday

 Find us at the Indian Wells Farmers Market. 

Click here to see the location on Google Maps.

8am - 2pm

Rain or Shine!

Thanks for your kind words. 




Written by

David Lansing


Nate Abbott

November 2021

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Allen Canarutto

OMG this bread is amazing!


I have tried several types and each one is better than the last.


Great flavors and density.


Some of the best bread I've had

in my life.


HIGHLY recommend!


Google Review 

July 2021


It is so hard to find good bread that isn’t full of preservatives!


This bread is as good as it gets! My kids, husband, and myself are such fans!


I have a REALLY hard time finding bread my stomach can tolerate and I have absolutely no issues with their bread !


Forever thankful to have found a local business that offers healthy food for my family!!


I promise you will not be disappointed!


Google Review 

July 2021

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"Bread & Flours: Loaves To Love"

Written by

Miranda Caudell

May 21, 2021

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Though their online shop spans everything from specialty pantry items (think fruit preserves and olive oils) to locally grown produce and even pizza dough,

sourdough is where Bread & Flour shines.

And it all starts with the ingredients.

Vince Calcagno
former owner
Zuni Cafe
San Francisco

Mark and Kristin have finally and completely brought incredible bread to the desert.


The loaf I had Sunday, with olives and a hint of citrus had me swooning for two days...


Head to the farmer’s market on Thursday's and give this try for sure!


Google Review  

September 2020



December 3, 2021 — 10:02 AM

MindBodyGreen Founder - Jacob Wachob sits down with Dan Buettner 

Author of the Blue Zones

Every time we have the privilege of sitting down with longevity expert, National Geographic fellow, and founder of Blue Zones Dan Buettner, we learn something new. We've become pretty well versed in everything Blue Zones over the years (this is Buettner's fourth time on the mindbodygreen podcast, after all), and yet—he continues to surprise us with his gems for living a longer and healthier life.

I'm A Longevity Expert: These Are My Top Underrated Foods For Living Longer

1. Sourdough
"Sourdough bread is leavened not just with yeast but lactobacillus, and in the process, most of the glutens are neutralized," says Buettner. Research shows this process can actually assist digestion—that's why some people with gluten sensitivity might actually fare well with a slice of sourdough, as the fermentation transforms the bread and causes the gluten to diminish substantially.

"And we don't exactly know why, but when you eat a plant-based meal with sourdough bread, the glycemic index of that meal goes down," he continues. "So the sugars in that meal are absorbed more slowly," and your body is more likely to use those sugars for energy (rather than storing them up in your system). "In Sardinia, they are eating sourdough bread with just about every meal for their entire life—and I think it's a true longevity food," Buettner adds.

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